Data Protection

My website is provided by an Apache webserver running on a FreeBSD machine. Upon each request, the webserver records a few technical items: IP address from which the request is made, timestamp, path of requested page, status of the request, name and version of the client software and operating system, and the number of bytes transmitted. This data is deleted after 7 days. Usually, I do not even look at this data. Only if there is a technical problem to investigate, I may look at it. I will make no attempt to find out who is behind the various requests, and this data will not be consolidated with any other data. I will not use this data for any unlawful or unjust purposes. I will share this data with no one, unless required to by law.

My website does not use any cookies. But even if it did, that would not change much. Cookies would be used strictly for necessary technical purposes, such as remembering the choice of language or managing authentication. I have no interest whatsoever in tracking my visitors.

Obviously, the situation may be different for other websites, which may come into play when an external link is followed from my website. Please refer to the legal notices on those websites for more information.

If you send me a message via e-mail, I will obtain all the data that you and your e-mail program put into the message (including the header of the message, which may comprise information such as a timestamp, the name of your operating system, name of the software used to compose the message, etc.). Additional technical data is added by the e-mail servers through which your message traverses. Similar situations will unfold for other communication services, such as instant messaging or phone services. I will not use this data for any unlawful or unjust purposes.

Please note for all the above that the data available to me is probably of very limited extent compared to what is collected by other parties, such as software and hardware vendors, internet and hosting providers, governments, and all kinds of intelligence services. Do you trust your PC or your smartphone? If a device is near you most of the time, like perhaps your smartphone, it can be used to obtain more information about you than I would ever be able to obtain via this website or based on the communication that you have with me.

To help protecting your privacy, SSL-encrypted communication is enforced by my webserver, and I provide a GPG key for e-mail communication. Such may not entirely prevent any eavesdropping, but at least will make it more costly for the other parties.


I am not a physician, I am not a lawyer. Nothing I write or show on my website should be considered medical or legal advice.