Around the year 2011, I found out that taking high doses of certain vitamins and minerals can substantially increase wellbeing. I have since experimented with different combinations. Below is a list of what I take at the moment (last change: March 2023); I am very happy with this.

Caveat: I am not a physician. Please consult your physician before doing any of the stuff listed below. If you have any suggestions or corrections (maybe you are a physician?), then please let me know.

The PZN numbers are used to unambiguously identify pharmaceutical products in Germany. They can be looked up at any German online pharmacy (such as Medpex or Aponeo). I give the total number of capsules in each bottle in parenthesis after each PZN.

In the morning

I take all of this at once, while having my breakfast. My breakfast consists mainly of fat (vegetable oil, cheese) and protein (this stuff, for example), which helps me to attain stable blood sugar levels. Moreover, fat is required for the body to absorb some of the vitamins listed below, such as Vitamin D3.

  • 4000 IU Vitamin D3 (PZN 15264199 (60)). If you think 4000 IU is too much, take at least 2000 IU (2 capsules of PZN 5495644 (60) or PZN 05495667 (120)).

  • 100mcg Vitamin K2 (PZN 12870284 (60))

  • 400mcg Folic Acid and 400mcg Vitamin B12 (PZN 12341746 (90))

  • 500mcg Vitamin B12 (PZN 10918667 (90))

  • 25mg Vitamin B2 (PZN 10983216 (90))

  • 25mg Vitamin B6 (PZN 10918650 (120))

  • 30mg Q10 (PZN 05135035 (120))

  • 4mg Manganese (PZN 05132433 (60))

  • 400mg SAMe (PZN 09901408 (60)). This stuff is expensive, but it is highly recommended.

  • 2500mcg Biotin (PZN 07764203 (60))

  • 15mg Iron and 175mg Vitamin C (PZN 05134857 (60))

During the day

Many minerals will compete to be absorbed by the body. So I stretch the minerals out over the day. Now it is Zinc time; in the evening, I will conclude with Magnesium.

  • 30mg Zinc (PZN 13923083 (60))

In the evening

  • 360mg Magnesium (3 capsules of PZN 5852191 (90) or PZN 05852222 (180))